Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ45 FJ55 FJ60 and FJ80 Transfer Case"

Land Cruiser Transfer Case:

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Transfer Case and Relative Parts:
Description Code
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Note: Rebuilt and used transfer case come without Input or PTO Gear, PTO or Top Covers or Speedo Driven Gear.
Transfer Case, 63-9/73, Rebuilt 145-BC01R
Transfer Case, 63-9/73, Used 145-BC01U
Transfer Case, 9/73-4/75, Rebuilt 145-C01R
Transfer Case, 9/73-4/75, Used 145-C01U
Transfer Case, 4/75-7/80, Rebuilt 145-CD01R
Transfer Case, 4/75-7/80, Used 145-CD01U
Core Charge, Rebuilt Transfer Case 145-02CC
Core Charge, Used Transfer Case 145-03CC
Conversion Kit, 3 Speed Transfer Case to 4 Speed Transmission 145-043
Front Drive Shift, Early-4/75, Used 145-AC38U
Front Drive Shift Sleeve, Early-4/75, Used 145-AC39U
Rear Output Parking Brake Seal, 63-7/80 145-BD40
Rear Output Seal, 8/80-4/85 145-D40
Rear Output Seal, 4/85-8/87, FJ60 145-6D40
Transfer Overhaul Gasket Set, 62-63, FJ40 145-4B41
Transfer Overhaul Gasket Set, 63-9/71 145-BC41
Transfer Overhaul Gasket Set, 9/71-7/80 145-CD41
Transfer PTO Cover Gasket, 63-7/80 145-BD42
Rear Transfer PTO Cover Gasket, Paper Type, 63-7/80 145-BD43
Front Extension Housing Gasket, 63-7/80 145-BD44
Top Cover Gasket, 63-7/80 145-BD45
Speedo Housing Gasket, 63-7/80 145-BD46
Front Drive Control Gasket, Early-7/80 145-AD47
Transfer Case Housing, 63-73, Used 145-BC48U
Transfer Case Housing, 4 Speed-4/75, Used 145-C48U
Transfer Case Housing, 4/75-7/80, Used 145-CD48U
PTO Cover Plate, 64-7/80, Used 145-BD49U
Rear PTO Cover, 63-80, Used 145-BD50U
Transfer Case Front Extension Housing, 64-7/80, FJ40/FJ55, Used 145-BD51U
Transfer Case Top Cover, 64-8/78, Used 145-BC52U
Transfer Case Top Cover Seal, 64-8/78 145-CD52S
Four Wheel Drive Vacuum Control Cable, Early-67, Used 145-B54U
Four Wheel Drive Vacuum Control Cable, 67-71, Used 145-BC54U
Front Wheel Drive Vacuum Shift Boot, Early-65 145-B55
Front Wheel Drive Vacuum Shift Boot, Large 145-B55
Transfer Floor Shift Knob, 69-9/73 145-BC56
Transfer Floor Shift Knob, 9/73-7/80 145-CD56
Transfer Floor Shift Boot, Early-9/72, 3 Speed 145-BC57
Transfer Floor Shift Boot, 9/72-9/73, Used 145-C57U
Transfer Floor Shift Boot, 9/73-9/83 145-CD57
Transfer Case Floor Shift Boot, Lower, 9/73-1/79, FJ40 145-4C258
Transfer Case Floor Shift Boot, Lower, 1/79-84, FJ40 145-4CD58
Transfer Hi-Low Shift Fork, 63-80 145-BD23
Transfer Hi-Low Shift Fork, 63-80, Used 145-BD23U
Transfer Hi-Low Shift Fork, 8/80-8/87, Toyota 145-D23T
Front Wheel Drive Shift Shaft Seal, FJ60 145-659
Front Wheel Drive Shift Box, 71-80, Used 145-CD60U
Front Wheel Drive Shift Fork, Early-7/80, Used 145-BC61U
Front Wheel Drive Shift Boot, 71-80 145-CD62
Transfer Case Floor Shift Conversion Kit, 3 Speed, Early-73 145-BC63U
PTO Winch Shear Pin 145-64
Warn Winch 8000, Standard 145-65S
Overdrive, Fairey, Used 145-66U
Front and Rear Output Flange Crush Nut, FJ60 145-634
Pinion Flange Dust Deflector, Front, FJ60 145-635F
Pinion Flange Dust Deflector, Rear, FJ60 145-635R
Front Output Seal, 63-7/80 145-BD36
Front Output Seal, 8/80-4/85 145-D36
Transfer Case Conversion Kit Bolt Set, Used 145-07U
Transfer Input Seal, 63-7/80 145-BD08
Transfer Input Seal, 8/80-9/82, FJ40/FJ60 145-46D08
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