Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, FJ45, FJ55, FJ25 and FJ60 Engine

Toyota Land Cruiser Engine Parts:

Engine »

Bare Blocks, Rebuilt Long Block, Short Block, Overhaul Gasket Sets, Crank Locknut and Locktab, Balancer Pulley, Timing Seal, Engine Gaskets, Side Cover, Piston and Ring Sets, Rod Bearing Sets, Crankshafts, Freeze Plugs and Oil Pans.

Engine Lubrication »

Oil Pump, Oil Pump Mounting Block, Dipstick and Tube, Gaskets, Oil Filter, Oil Filter Housing, Mechanical Oil Gauge Fittings, Oil Lines, Oil Cooler, Oil Cooler Hoses and Tubes.

Mounts - Brackets »

Motor Mounts, Motor Mount Bracket, Motor Mount Insulator, Alternator Mounting Brackets, Alternator Adjuster Brackets, A/P Mounting Bracket and A/P Adjuster Bracket.

Cylinder Head - Valve »

Gaskets and Sets, Valve Cover, Oil Filler Cap, Intake Valves, Exhaust Valves, Valve Seat, Valve Spring, Valve Seal, Valve keeper, Rocker Shaft O-Ring, Rocker Delivery Tube, Rocker Arm Assembly, Push Rod, Side Cover, Camshaft, Cam Rear Galley Plug and Head Guide Locator Ring.

Engine Cooling »

Radiator, Radiator Cap, Hoses, Thermostat Upper and Lower Housings, Thermostat, Gaskets, Water Pump, Belts, Water Pump Pulley, Fan Spacer, Fan Clutch, Fans, Coolant Bottle, Coolant Bottle Assembly, Coolant Bottle Cap and Coolant Bottle Brackets.

Heating »

Heaters, Heater Cores, Heater Duct, Heater Duct Connection, Defroster Hose, Heater Shut Off Valve, Heater T Pipe, Heater Fresh Air Cable and Oil Cooler Hose.

Air Cleaner »

Air Inlet Duct, Air Cleaner Assembly, Air Filter, Gaskets, Wing Nuts and PCV Hose.

Carburetor »

Carburetor Rebuild Kits, Sight Glass, Throttle Breaker, Accelerator Pump Checkball Retainer Spring, Accelerator Pump Stopper, Accelerator Pump Spring, Fuel Bowl Insulator, Carburetor Insulator and Gaskets.

Intake - Exhaust »

Intake Manifold, Intake to Exhaust Heat Shield, Exhaust Manifold, Exhaust Head Pipe, Headers, Hot Air Kit, Copper Coat and Gaskets.

Fuel »

Fuel Tanks, Fuel Tank Strap, Gas Cap, Filler Neck, Filler Neck Shield, Filler Neck Hose, Filler Neck Strainer, Fuel Tank Sending Unit, Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit, Fuel Pump Diaphragm, Fuel Lines, Charcoal Canister, Accelerator Pedal, Accelerator Cable, Bell Crank, Accelerator Cable Mounting Bracket, Cable Trunnion, Choke Cable, Rod Linkage Pivot Bushing, Cable Throttle, Throttle Return Support Bracket, Rod Linkage Pivot Bushing and Carburetor Return Spring.

Emissions »

Smog Pump, Air Pump, Air Pump Pulley, Air Pump Bracket, Air Pump Adjuster Bracket, Air Pump Belt, Air Pump Hoses, Anti-backfire Valve, Anti-backfire Valve Mounting Bracket, Hoses, Air Injection Manifold, Air Injection Nozzle, Air Injection Plug, Emissions EGR Hard Pipe, Gaskets, EGR Hard Pipe, EGR Cooler, EGR Flex Pipe, EGR Valve, EGR Union Sleeve Vacuum Switching Valve, Vacuum Filter, VTV (On Thermostat) and Heat Riser Shield.

PCV Valves and Hoses »

PCV Hose, PCV Valve, PCV Valve Grommet.

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