"Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, FJ45, FJ55, FJ25 and FJ60 Seats"

Land Cruiser Seats:

Seats and Related Parts:
Description Code Price
Front Seats, Early-9/72, Pair, Used 113-4C01U $325.00
Front Seat, 9/72-12/78, FJ40, Pair, No Headrest, Used 113-4C01BU $325.00
Front Seat, 1/79-Up, FJ40, Pair, No Headrest, Used 113-4CD01U $325.00
Headrest, 73-78, Pair, FJ40, Used 113-4C02U $155.50
Headrest, 79-Up, Pair, FJ40, Used 113-4CD02U $155.50
Seat Latch, 63-72, FJ40, Aftermarket 113-4BC03A $25.20
Lap Belt, Stock 113-404 $45.55
Lap Belt, Retractable, Used 113-404U $65.50
Seat Belt, Shoulder Harness, Left 113-405L $124.00
Seat Belt Set, Shoulder Type, Used 113-406U $120.00
Seat Pedestal, Driver, Early-72, FJ40, Used 113-4AC07U $10.25
Seat Bracket Set, 73-78, FJ40, Used 113-4C08U $120.00
Rear Jump Seats, 64-73, FJ40, Pair, Used 113-4BC09U $300.00
Rear Jump Seat, 74-77, FJ40, Pair, Used 113-4C09U $300.00
Rear Jump Seats, 78-Up, FJ40, Pair With Legs, Used 113-4AD09U $350.00
Rear Jump Seat Straps, Early-74 113-4BC10 $11.00
Center Console, 73-78, FJ40, Used 113-4C11U $65.00
Front Floor Mat, 75-78, FJ40 113-4C12 $236.00
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